On this page you can enter information to calculate your Paces per Meter. It is important that this is performed on your beach, or a similar substrate (e.g. sand, cobble) so that the Paces per Meter calculated is representative of how you walk during COASST surveys. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Using a measuring device of a known length that is a minimum of 5 meters (if you are a marine debris participant, use the measuring rope), stretch it out and orient it in the direction you will walk. Enter the length of your rope (in meters) or other measuring device in the first box below.
  2. Starting with your toes up at one end of the measuring rope, walk the length counting your paces as you go. Remember, walk don’t stride! Enter your count in the second line below, first box.
  3. Repeat Step 2 twice, entering these counts in the next two boxes.
Remember that every person will have a different measurement of paces per meter, so make sure that you know your own value.

Length of Measuring Device (m)

Number of Paces You Made for Each of 3 Passes

Average Number of Paces

Paces per Meter

Be sure to let COASST know your Paces per Meter value via email, or by updating your profile on our website.

If you are a Marine Debris data collector you can now take the Paces per Meter calculated above and enter it into Mapping Your Survey to identify sampling locations.